Our Story

Fragrant Farmhouse is a team of two sisters, Ashley Bass & Emily Williams. They created the company in 2017 after Ashley decided to go a new route on her maker journey. Without knowing where the journey would take them, they dove in and launched the shop in January 2017. After two years in business, the business is doing well and they are still best friends! Read on to learn a little bit more about each of them..

Ashley is big sister and the maker of all things wax! Her passion for candles and home decor led her to start making her own jars of waxy goodness. These mason jar candles she has created fit any home decor with their neutral colors, but are made with the farmhouse style in mind. She is a busy wife and mama of two littles. The Fragrant Farmhouse studio is based out of her home so she is able to be with her kiddos while growing the business.

Emily is little sis and the maker of all bath products. Her love of essential oils is translated into her soaps and scrubs to help better you and your body with these natural products. She is married and the owner of 5 acres where she and her husband will be putting in a new home in the near future. She is the BEST auntie to Ashley's kids and loves to do for others.

We would love to get to know you! Be sure to say hello when you stop by our booth at any of our local events or give us a follow on Facebook and Instagram.

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