Mint Mojito Recipe

It's Happy Hour! You've burned through your candle and now it's time to repurpose your jar and lid, pour yourself a cocktail, and relax!

Your candle came in a cocktail tumbler with the purpose of being reused as a drinking glass. You can also remove the rubber gasket from the lid and repurpose as a coaster. Love the candles enough and you can collect an entire set. Cheers!

Follow these instructions for cleaning out your tumbler:

1. There are a few options for cleaning out the wax from your tumbler when you are finished burning it. DO NOT pour wax down the drain.

  • After your last burn, pour the last of the melted wax out into a paper cup or can.
  • Melt the remaining wax with a blow dryer and pour into a paper cup or can.
  • Pour boiling water into the jar. Once the wax melts and rises to the surface, let it cool. Scoop out wax from the surface and dispose of in trash. Pour water into the sink.

2. Once wax is removed, wipe any remaining wax residue out of the tumbler with a paper towel.

3. Use soap and warm water to wash your tumbler. It's ready to drink out of! (You can also run through the dishwasher once all wax and residue has been removed)

4. Follow the recipe below to make a yummy drink and enjoy! Cheers!