Rose Gold Candle Tools


Candle care is a huge part of making your candles last, giving you the most for your money. We offer all of the tools necessary to make that happen! They are available in Matte Black and Rose Gold. Aren't familiar with candle tools? Check out the descriptions below: 

Wick Trimmer 》Before every burn, you need to trim the wick to 1/4". With the wick trimmer, you can easily reach into the jar for an easy trim. Great on wood wicks, too! 

Wick Dipper 》This tool is the best! You use it to extinguish the flame. Simply push the burning wick down into the pool of melted wax. Once extinguished, used the wick dipper to pull the wick back up. It's now coated with wax and ready for its next burn! 

Candle Snuffer 》This is commonly used to extinguis candles. It's best use is for extinguishing candles without a vessel to hold a pool of wax. Ex: Pillar or votive candles. You will still get a bit of smoke, but you won't have to worry about blowing wax off the candle and making a mess.