Charcoal Soap


Our charcoal soap is made of activated charcoal and goats milk. It is a fantastic daily face soap. Activated charcoal is known to pull toxins and dirt from your pores. It works as a detox for your skin. Because of this, it is a great soap for any skin type, especially, acne prone skin.

There are no added fragrances or color in this soap and is great for sensitive skin. Our soap come packaged in a kraft gift box ready for gifting or to display extras in a basket on your bathroom counter.

All of our soap are made with either goats milk or shea butter.  When a fragrance is added, it is done by using pure therapeutic grade essential oils so it is safe for your skin and doesn't introduce any toxins. 

Benefits of Goats Milk Soap

Goats milk soap is a gentle cleanser that contains fatty acids that help support healthy skin. Because it is so rich in nutrients, it will help improve dry skin and may even help prevent acne.

Our soap contain natural ingredients including pure therapeutic grade essential oils, natural colorant, and additives.