Citron + Mandarin


The vibrant citrus fragrance of our Citron + Mandarin soy candle features top notes of grapefruit, lemony citron, and mandarin with hints of peach, orange, and cyclamen. This is another customer fave that we love to burn in our kitchen year round!

Fragrance Notes:

Top  Lemon, Mandarin, Grapefruit

Middle  Orange, Peach

Base  Vanilla

Candle Care & Tips

+ Wicks should ALWAYS be trimmed before you light. For cotton wicks, trim to 1/4". For wood wicks, trim to 1/2".

+ NEVER burn your candle for more than 4 hours. For the best results, burn 2-3 hours. If you wish to burn longer, extinguish flame, trim wick, relight candle.

+ Extinguish wick by using a wick snuffer, dipper, or by trimming with wick trimmers and dropping trimmings in water.

+ Do not burn candle once down to 1/4" of wax at bottom of jar.

+ Soy Wax Tips: First Burn is MOST important!

Soy wax has a memory and will only burn as wide as it did the first time. Let the wax melt to edge of container before extinguishing the first time.

+ Candle Trick: Wood Wick Candles

Trim wick with wick trimmers for a level cut.

Keep out of drafts. If drafty area, place in a vase or lantern to keep draft away from wick.

+ Candle Trick: Primitive Candles

NEVER burn for more than 2 hours at one time.

If you want to burn longer, extinguish wicks, let cool and solidify, trim wicks, & light again.

If wax becomes entirely liquid before 2 hours, extinguish and follow above tips. Leaving the candle burning as liquid will allow the wick to come loose and float in the wax. That is dangerous.

Primitive Candles are REFILLABLE! Bring back to the market and purchase the refill!

Why Soy?

All of our soy candles are made with pure soy wax made of US grown
soybeans and vegetables. Soy wax burns cleaner and safer than the
paraffin wax you find in most candles. We do not add any color to our
candles to keep them as toxin free as possible and it gives them a
neutral look to fit any decor. We use phthalate free fragrances and
cotton wicks to keep our candles as safe as possible.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Katie Mancebo
Light and Delicious!

This was the first fragrance I purchased from Fragrant Farmhouse! I love light, clean scents. The descriptions the girls write about the smells and fragrances that are used in each candle are so amazing. So I decided to try Citron + Mandarin and I'm so glad I did. These candles burn so great and the scent is light, but strong enough to fill a room!!

Great candles!

I’ve been buying these candles for a few years now and I’m so glad to finally find the online store for them!! I only burn candles from this business and one other. I love how clean they burn, how strong but not overpowering they smell, and the fact that I can support a local business. One of my favorite scents is citrus. Whether it’s the fruits or the blossoms, I love it. So much so that when the wick runs out and there is still some wax left, I scrape it out into my wax burner (that I bought specifically for these candles!). Thank you for such an amazing product ❤️

Lisa Tourrette
Great citrus smell

I love burning candles all year around and was looking for a cleaner alternative. These candles exceeded my expectations. The Citron Mandarin smells so good, I love burning this one in the morning to help wake me up! I have tried several of the Fragrant Farmhouse scents and they all make my house smell great!