Sugared Lemon - Artisan Reed Diffuser


Introducing the Artisan Reed Diffuser, the latest addition to our premium home fragrance collection. Handcrafted with top-quality ingredients, this flame-free diffuser delivers a long-lasting and superior aroma to any room. Experience a new level of luxury with our artisan-inspired scent.

Sugared Lemon: Sliced lemons surrounded by hints of sweet sugar and a hint of tart berries. Our Sugared Lemon fragrance has been a best seller for years.

Natural Diffuser Reeds: All-natural, responsibly harvested rattan makes the best diffuser reed. Ours are 3 mm in diameter, for maximum flow or "wicking" of reed diffuser oil. 

Fiber Reeds (Black or White): Designed for enhanced performance over natural, rattan reeds, the Fiber Diffuser Reeds diffuse heatless, flameless fragrance throughout the room. These absorbent reeds resist clogging, carrying fragrance to the top of the reed and into the air with ease. The fiber diffuser reeds have a crisp, clean style and subtle sheen that blends effortlessly into various brand aesthetics.

Flower & Spiral Mix: Elevate your reed diffusers into a true centerpiece with Flower & Spiral Diffuser Reeds. These lovely diffuser reeds work beautifully as decor any time of year while also providing long-lasting, flame-free fragrance. The stem is made using a 3 mm natural rattan reed stem, while the flower is made from the pith of the Rice Paper Plant (tetrapanax papyrifer). The flower reeds provide a stronger scent throw.

NOTE: Our diffusers come with 6 reeds and provide a beautiful scent through your home. You will notice the fragrance more in a drafty or smaller area. However, if you would like a stronger scent throw, you can add additional reeds. Available to purchase here: